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RC SkidSteer KIT V3.0 **2 Week Fulfillment**

RC SkidSteer KIT V3.0 **2 Week Fulfillment**

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 Kits will ship in about 2 weeks.

If you're unable to get this kit shipped to your location check out the ProfessorBoots Workshop Pass Which will unlock courses to take you step by step through sourcing all the components so you don't miss out on the fun!

This kit is designed to be combined with 3D printed parts right off your printer in any color/material that you'd like, this kit also provides a unique way to get hands on experience with standard DIY electronic development parts. The ESP32 development board comes pre-programmed with the latest software on all orders. 3D models and software are subject to change as this project is in development. Requires x2 16340 Batteries.

Batteries: Fenix Batteries(Built in USB Charger & Circuit Protection)

Follow along and build Step by Step: How To Guide

All 3D files are opensource and can be downloaded here: Printables

Electronics Kit: Pre-soldered electronics only.

Complete Kit:  Comes with pre-soldered electronics as well as all the 3D printed parts needed for assembly, currently only offering the black/white color combo shown in the pictures.

Included Electronics:

  • 1x PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • 1x ESP32 Development Board
  • 2x MG90S Servos
  • 3x N20 High Torque Motors
  • 1x 5volt Buck Converter
  • 2x H-Bridges
  • 2x LED's & Holders

Also included is all the hardware required to assemble.

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